Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updated Pinguicula: A month since i switched from my low wattage grow light to a 650 watter.

 any help i.d.'ing these?  im guessing p. gigantea but thats prob not it
 note purple coloration on pinguicula medusina

Akai Ryu... ill remove this as its not a pingue

 p. moranensis, sp. orchiodes , and 'etc"
p. florian

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My newly ordered Pinguiculae arrived labeled "primuliflora", though the flowers are blue and yellow. maybe i don't understand temperate pinguicula flower coloration? Though Primuliflora flowers were yellow and white.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinguicula Moctezumae Bears Seed

After about a month and a half since pollenation, my moctezumae has produced in excess of 100 seeds. I separated the stalk from the plant after it reached full size so that i could gather  the seed safely. it matured sitting the the stem in moss, and finally opened today. We'll see if removing the stalk from the plant affected seed viability.

Some mexicans entering dormancy. I'm preparing a time-lapse video of the entry into dormancy.

Pinguicula Lutea?
This one's been on my windowsill.
Help me identify this one? U.T. Knox greenhouses clone.
Pinguicula Lutea? i bought it as Primulafloria but the flower is all yellow. This one was in the UT knox greenhouse but i brought it home to collect seed.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Part of My Pinguicula Collection which i can only attempt to identify, since i never kept the labels that came with the plants...  (Chris Ruane, Tennessee, USA)

Current Pinguiculae:

Moranensis f. Orchiodes 
Florian (Javaumensis x Debbertiana)
Sp Guatemala 3100 m
Tina (Zecheri x Agnata)

Center: Pinguicula
 Moranensis f. Orchiodes 
alongside leaf pullings 
which have sprouted at least
 3 plantlets after only
 about 2 weeks.
Needs to be identified

Pinguicula Florian (Jauvamensis x Debbertiana).
 It came a much darker red-pink,
 my grow lights are pretty weak.

Pinguicula Medusina beside some 
seedling Medusinae, Ehlersiae, and "othe

Some of several Moranensis propagates 
about a month after leaf pullings.
   Pinguicula Moranensis
 eating bloodworm (freeze-dried)

Pinguicula Esseriana

Tons of Ehlersiae

Pinguicula Mocteumae 
in (pathetic) flower

Pinguicula Emarginata with three 
flower stalks and another on the way.
 I sent it into a short dormancy then
 i overwatered and it started flowering.
Some currently unidentified pullings